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Sheaffer 100 - شیفر 100
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نیمه مشکی - مشکی - استیل
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شیفر 100

خودکار و خودنویس Sheaffer 100 بسیار شیک و زیبا برای نوشتن طولانی مدت

  • نیمه مشکی
  • مشکی
  • استیل


  • خودنویس شیفر 100
  • خودکار شیفر 100


  • همراه با جعبه نفیس کارخانه شیفر


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Sheaffer 100

Make that special occasion even more memorable with the new Sheaffer® 100. The Sheaffer® 100 fountain pen features a stainless steel nib in either fine or medium point grades. The fountain pen gives you effortless, elegant writing and can be refilled with a twist-action piston convertor or Sheaffer® Skrip® ink cartridge. The roller ball glides across the page with ease creating a smooth writing experience. The ballpoint features a smooth twist-action mechanism for easy release of the writing tip. The Sheaffer® 100 features a ballpoint and pencil that serve as a stunning companion set. The Sheaffer® 100 writing instruments are available in a variety of finishes and stylishly enhanced with a contemporary polished nickel plated grip. The timeless brushed chrome finish with shiny nickel plate trim makes a powerful statement at school or on the job.



  • Available as a Fountain Pen, Ballpoint.
  • All instruments feature the Sheaffer® White Dot®, the trademark symbol of writing excellence.


  • Sheaffer 100
  • Sheaffer 100
  • Sheaffer 100
  • Sheaffer 100
  • Sheaffer 100

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