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Ink Bottle Penman - جوهر پِنمَن
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جوهر پِنمَن

جوهر خودنویس Parker Penman

جوهر خودنویس پارکر کلکسیونی که از مواد بسیار مرغوب و روغنی ساحته شده است .


Ink Bottle Penman


These inks were discontinued in 2000. A much acclaimed product when released in 1993.

Leighton Davies-Smith, an ink chemist with Parker, talked about the development of the Penman line of inks in a article published in Pen World. Davies-Smith said the ink took more than two years to develop the ink. Parker was aiming at producing an ink that would be quick drying on paper but slow drying on the nib to enhance a smooth writing experience. The bottled ink came from England and the cartridges came from France. The distinctive ink bottles were designed by Lansdown Conquest, design agency based in London.

  • Sapphire Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Mocha Brown
  • Black
  • Ruby


  • Parker Penman Ink Bottle
  • Parker Penman Ink Bottle

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