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Sheaffer Valor - وَلور
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شیفر وَلور

خودنویس Sheaffer Valor طراحی ممتاز و نشانگر قدمت شیفر , هدیه مناسب برای کسانی که دوستشان داریم .

قلمی بسیار لوکس و با ارزش


  • مشکی لاکی گیره زرد با نوک طلا 14 عیار
  • قهوه ای مرمری گیره زرد با نوک طلا 14 عیار
  • آبی مرمری گیره استیل با نوک طلا 14 عیار


  • خودنویس شیفر ولور
  • خودکار شیفر ولور


  • همراه با جعبه نفیس کارخانه شیفر


هدیه مناسب برای کسانی که دوستشان داریم .

قابلیت حکاکی بر روی این مدل وجود دارد .


Sheaffer Valor

With its classic yet bold design, the Sheaffer® Valor® Collection of luxury fine writing instruments personifies self-confidence and evokes a sense of hard-earned accomplishment. Made in Italy, Sheaffer® Valor® writing instruments combines timeless German design and precision American engineering in a one of a kind writing instrument created for the truly discerning individual.

A Sheaffer® Valor® writing instrument provides its owner with exceptional quality and writing performance while making a powerful statement of success and achievement. It features a robust wide-profile polished black resin body with an easy screw-on cap. Its timeless beauty is enhanced by either 22K gold or palladium plated findings.


  • Each Sheaffer® Valor® writing instrument comes beautifully packaged in a luxury wood gift box with high-gloss black finish. Product may ship in gift box with high gloss rosewood finish
  • Function is also paramount, with a balanced and comfortable feel in the hand and an easy screw-on cap for the fountain pen/roller ball
  • Fountain Pen features the exclusive inlaid nib - a Sheaffer original design from 1959 - in 14K gold with or without palladium plate.
  • Roller ball provides silky smooth writing with the feel of ink on paper.
  • Smooth twist-action mechanism on the ballpoint.
  • Unique angled clip proudly displays Sheaffer's signature White Dot® - the globally recognized symbol of writing excellence.
  • شیفر ولور  Sheaffer Valor
  • شیفر ولور  Sheaffer Valor
  • شیفر ولور  Sheaffer Valor
  • شیفر ولور  Sheaffer Valor
  • شیفر ولور  Sheaffer Valor
  • شیفر ولور  Sheaffer Valor

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