آرشیو اخبارRepairs Fountain Pen of Iran
Repairs Fountain Pen of Iran

Repairs Fountain Pen of Iran

Specialized Pen Repair Shop – Fountain Fountain Pens, and Mechanical Pencils Repair

With more than half a century of experience and direct association with pen manufacturers to supply all the main pen parts, Latifi specialized repair center is proud to supply the parts for all the fountain pen, pen, and mechanical pencil brands and repair them in the shortest time possible with the highest quality.

Latifi Shop was established in 1961 in Iran with the goal of supplying pens. In those years, a specialized pen repair shop was highly needed to repair luxury and up-to-date pens. With respect to his trainings on pen repair and his experience and familiarity with pens, Mr. Latifi found a special place in this regard.

Currently, Latifi Shop offers all types of repair services for all brands of fountain pens and pens available in the Iranian market.

Specialized pen repair

• Repairs in the shortest time possible

• Main parts


Repair fountain pen Asghar Latifi

قطعات تعمیر خودنویس parts of repair pen   شل برای تعمیرات خودنویس Repairs Pen

نوک اصلی پارکر برای تعمیرات خودنویس و قطعات اضافه repair pen

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