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Sheaffer Intensity - اینتنسیتی
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شیفر اینتنسیتی

خودنویس و خودکار Sheaffer Intensity با طراحی کربنی و گیره استیل


  • خودنویس اینتنسیتی شیفر
  • خودکار اینتنسیتی شیفر


  • همراه با جعبه نفیس کارخانه شیفر


هدیه مناسب برای کسانی که دوستشان داریم .


Sheaffer Intensity

With a sleek design, Sheaffer® Intensity® has a streamlined thin profile that is balanced and comfortable to hold. The stylish writing instrument is available in ten contemporary finishes. Three of the ten finishes have engraved patterns which are inspired from the Sheaffer® Targa® collection.


  • Ballpoint contains smooth, convenient twist action mechanism.
  • The Sheaffer® Intensity® Fountain Pen and Roller Ball feature a contemporary polished chrome grip, and screw-on cap.
  • The ballpoint features a smooth twist-action mechanism.
  • All instruments proudly display Sheaffer's signature White Dot® - the globally recognized symbol of writing excellence.
  • The Sheaffer® Intensity® come packaged in a Sheaffer luxury gift box.


  • Sheaffer Intensity
  • Sheaffer Intensity

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