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Europen Dance - دَنس
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یوروپن دنس

خودکار دَنس یوروپن همراه با جعبه جدید در رنگ های مختلف

Europen Dance

The Europen Dance pen in 6 finishes provoke sense of freedom and flexibility that has been inspired by form of body in dancing.

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Steel
  • White



  • Each single pen is presented in Europen's gift box
  • Ball pen are available in Medium tip
  • Ball pen are refillable for continued writing enjoyment.
  • There is Stylus on top of pen to be used for touch screen
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Ball pen
  • Europen Dance
  • Europen Dance
  • Europen Dance
  • Europen Dance
  • Europen Dance
  • Europen Dance

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