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کرن داش 053
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کرن داش طرح سوئیس 053

خودکار CARAN dACHE 053  طرح سوئیس قرمز رنگ ساخت کشور سویس با جعبه مخصوص

849 TOTALLY SWISS ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen with ultra- flat case/849.053
Aluminium hexagonal body 
Colour application using electrostatic powder coating
Flexible clip
Push button
Equipped with the blue medium Goliath ink cartridge
Swiss Made

Switzerland summed up in a ballpoint pen. In its red covering adorned with the Swiss cross, the 849 Totally Swiss ballpoint pen is an emblematic souvenir. A model with ultra-flat packaging. Boasting optimal comfort when held in the hand. This pen delivers up to 600 A4 pages, thanks to its acclaimed Goliath ink cartridge.

  • Caran dache 053
  • Caran dache 053

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