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ECRIDOR CUBRIK ballpoint pen
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Palladium-coated ECRIDOR CUBRIK ballpoint pen


Ballpoint pen/890.377
Ballpoint pen – ink cartridge
Mechanism: push button
Refills: Goliath cartridge, large, medium or fine
Can be personalised
Lifetime international guarantee
Swiss Made

Geometrical lines. An infinity of cubes. The Ecridor Cubrik is adorned with a unique guilloche. The cascade of cubic shapes adorning it is pure technical ingenuity and the result of a unique expertise in the world of engraving. A palladium finish for unequalled brilliance. The Ecridor Cubrik ballpoint pen delivers up to 600 A4 pages, thanks to the acclaimed Goliath cartridge.

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  • ECRIDOR CUBRIK ballpoint pen

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