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Featuring a sleek contemporary shape, the Montegrappa Mule pen collection is crafted in mirror polished natural copper, further defined by a brushed silver-plated trim.The effect recalls the well-used, vintage piping and tubing employed in the process of producing grappa. Available in three versions, the Montegrappa Mule will suit the user of fountain, roller or ballpoint pens. Initially inspired by the classic Moscow Mule cocktail, Montegrappa has registered an exciting new grappa based cocktail. The drink itself is made of 40° premium quality grappa, bergamot scents and a habanero chilli pepper twist.

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  • مونته گراپا Mule مس
  • مونته گراپا Mule مس
  • مونته گراپا Mule مس

برچسب‌ها:Mule Montegrappa,Mule,مس,خودنویس مسی,قلم مسی,خودکار مسی

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